I’ve eaten many dishes of gelato throughout Italy for years. Today, I ate a Blue Ice with friends. This gelato is the real deal. Most excellent. Fresh, creamy, flavorful, generous serving, absolutely Fantastico!


Met my friend there and we got to taste the NEW Watermelon! Oh My…. Think of all the delicious watermelon flavor without all the watermelon mess…. Gotta Try it!

Sharon Loper - Tucson, Arizona

The flavors are intense and higher quality ingredients can be discerned. We will drive past other places to go there. Fresh!

Marie Benson - Tucson, Arizona

Wow! Tried Blue Ice Gelato for first time today. It’s amazing, fresh, rich Gelato. Lots of unique flavors!
We sampled so many it was hard to choose. Blueberry, butter pecan, pumpkin, banana chocolate, real mint……all made with real ingredients. We like Frost Gelato, but Blue Ice tastes more authentic. It is our new “go to” place for gelato and sorbet in Tucson. The watermelon sorbet was superb (it was the only one I sampled and I can’t get it out of my head….will be back there tomorrow to get full serving). Num, num!

Brenda Robillard - Tucson, Arizona

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Marco Araujo Avatar

The best ice cream I had in a long time! Very clean, great atmosphere, affordable price, large variety of awesome flavors, and the staff is very polite, and pleasant. I am going back there tomorrow!🤙🍦

Marco Araujo 11/24/2018
Andrea McCully Avatar

I took my Little Sister to Blue Ice Gelato yesterday and we had THE BEST gelato I've ever had there! The staff was very friendly, let us try many delicious flavors, and we loved it. I even got a chance to talk to the owner of the shop. I will definitely be back for more soon!

Andrea McCully 8/25/2017
Chrisie Ballard Avatar

My family loves Blue Ice Gelato! Not only is it the BEST GELATO IN TUCSON but the owners and staff are amazing! Love the way they interact with their customers! If you haven't been.....YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

Chrisie Ballard 10/10/2017
Clarice Ishikawa Avatar

I had cookies and cream gelato and it was very tasty!! My son couldn't make his mind up between cookies n cream and chocolate so he had both!!! Happy boy!

Clarice Ishikawa 7/03/2017
Spence Bilbo Avatar

Friends brought us here. Excellent gelato. Manager was eager to share all their different flavors. Blueberry muffin, banana creme, pistachio, cookie butter were among a few flavors tried. Extremely friendly. Very good gelato.

Spence Bilbo 8/17/2019
Carlton Taylor Avatar

Our whole family enjoyed the variety of flavors. The employee who served us was very kind. She encouraged us to sample many of the flavors which made it alot of fun.

Carlton Taylor 8/14/2018
Katrina Gagne Skiffington Avatar

Try the lemon ginger if you have a chance..super yummy! Add the mixed berry and even better.

Katrina Gagne Skiffington 4/21/2017
Ava Emily Maneval Avatar

This man and his shop are over and beyond. I cannot rave enough about him and his Gelato. Hes passionate about what he does and its contagious. I've travelled all over the world and I can safely say. with no qualms, that this is the best gelato I've ever had. His Stracciatella springs me back to my childhood with one taste. It's hard to choose a flavor because they're all yummy!

Ava Emily Maneval 7/20/2019
Dave Fincher Avatar

Tasty! I had the salted caramel, wife had the chocolate banana. We’ll be back.

Dave Fincher 2/12/2018

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