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  • Kyla T. AvatarKyla T.

    5 star rating Great place to get gelato! We tried it for the first time on a Saturday night. It was fairly empty so the worker (owner?) was very nice and gave us samples of many of the flavors before we picked what... read more - 7/08/2018 

  • Roshanak H. AvatarRoshanak H.

    4 star rating Very authentic tastes. Nice customer service. There is a sugar free Banana Cinnamon option which I haven't seen in other Gelatos 🙂 - 9/10/2018 

  • T Z. AvatarT Z.

    5 star rating Fabulous service - great hours and parking.

    Cones are generous in size and available in chocolate.

    Unique seasonal flavors.  They are great about getting in multiple flavors into the portion you prefer. - 6/24/2019 

  • Ken J. AvatarKen J.

    5 star rating We tried the new blue iced gelato and found it to be better than frost. The flavors were much more authentic. And the manager Don made it an  experience to remember. We recommend it to all. Ask for the chocolate... read more - 4/03/2018 

  • Nathan S. AvatarNathan S.

    5 star rating Loved this place from first taste when I had the Mint 2 Be at the gelato festival. The flavor tastes just like my chocolate mint plant. Plus it had little crumbly/crunchy chocolate pieces in them. They're know for having some... read more - 4/30/2019 

  • AnaElise B. AvatarAnaElise B.

    5 star rating This place is awesome. Thought I was just going in for a cup of gelato. Instead the owner gave us like 4.3 million samples. We were there for a bachelorette party and he was an absolute blast. Pretty sure we... read more - 3/03/2019 

  • Bobbie B. AvatarBobbie B.

    5 star rating SOOO YUMM!! First time here and it was AMAZING! Audrey was so nice and gave us no hassle for sampling whatever we wanted. She had a great attitude and customer service. We also met the manager and main chef Don... read more - 7/07/2019 

  • Jeannie C. AvatarJeannie C.

    5 star rating While the hubby went to the Subway's next door at the Bashas shopping plaza at Sunrise/Kolb to pick up some lunch I thought I'd drop by and check out this gelato place that had opened up earlier in the year.... read more - 8/02/2017 

  • Felix S. AvatarFelix S.

    5 star rating This is the best gelato I've ever had. Period. Been to Italy, France and all over Europe, so I am quite experienced in this matter. Many different flavors all carefully crafted with passion to deliver the best experience to the... read more - 6/02/2019 

  • Lerys D. AvatarLerys D.

    5 star rating okay this place is so good we just spent an entire day hiking and climbing and felt like we walked into heaven. even their vegan gelato was delicious, which is blasphemous i know. i got the tiramisu and mint and... read more - 9/22/2018 


  • Marco Araujo Avatar
    Marco Araujo
    11/24/2018 - Google

    The best ice cream I had in a long time! Very clean, great atmosphere, affordable price, large variety of awesome flavors, and the staff is very polite, and pleasant. I... read more

  • Bob Paulsen Avatar
    Bob Paulsen
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Super friendly. Very good gelato. We sampled just about everything. Its all good here. You'll love it.

  • michele picarelli Avatar
    michele picarelli
    12/09/2018 - Google

    Wow! Delicious!! Made from scratch & one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life. He cares about his craft and it truly is the best gelato ever.... read more

  • Alexis White Avatar
    Alexis White
    11/04/2018 - Google

    The best service, nicest gentleman serving us, and the most creamy gelato in town. Highly recommend!

  • Eric Elliott Avatar
    Eric Elliott
    3/17/2019 - Google

    We make it a priority to stop by this place during our annual trip to Tucson because it is always so delicious and never fails to surprise us with unique... read more

  • Patricia Thomas Avatar
    Patricia Thomas
    9/26/2018 - Google

    Good gelato, some interesting flavors, nice staff. Overall I liked better than Frost.

  • Carlton Taylor Avatar
    Carlton Taylor
    8/14/2018 - Google

    Our whole family enjoyed the variety of flavors. The employee who served us was very kind. She encouraged us to sample many of the flavors which made it alot of fun.

  • Marco Ala Avatar
    Marco Ala
    12/03/2018 - Google

    Discovered this Tucson jewel during our Thanks Giving trip. We had to go back twice before we left Tucson. Friendly and super polite staff, great tasty ice cream with a... read more


Our Secret

We were trained by a real Italian Gelato master, we use the highest quality equipment to make and display our products, and we are the ONLY Gelato store in Arizona licensed to pasteurize our own base.

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