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  • Angie H. AvatarAngie H.

    5 star rating After a sushi meal at Ginza, my group was still quite hungry. A quick Yelp search brought this little place to our attention so we gave it a try... HOLY COW best decision of my weekend!

    Parking: giant lot shared with...
    read more - 2/25/2019 

  • Felix S. AvatarFelix S.

    5 star rating This is the best gelato I've ever had. Period. Been to Italy, France and all over Europe, so I am quite experienced in this matter. Many different flavors all carefully crafted with passion to deliver the best experience to the... read more - 6/02/2019 

  • Cheryl A. AvatarCheryl A.

    5 star rating Simply AMAZING. The owner went to a gelato culinary school in Italy, ¬†bought the top of the line gelato equipment from Italy, and even flew out an Italian gelato chef to train at blue ice gelato... and it shows. Hands... read more - 5/15/2019 

  • Steve G. AvatarSteve G.

    5 star rating Ok simple this maybe the best stuff you ever find. I'm going to gain 100 lbs easy. Can't stay away. Just go - 2/04/2018 

  • Ellie R. AvatarEllie R.

    5 star rating This "gelateria" is excellent and with spacious room to hang out, if it is too cold or too hot outside. I can compare it to my recollection of the two best Ice Cream Parlors from the time I used to... read more - 2/06/2018 

  • Hungry J. AvatarHungry J.

    5 star rating Delicious! ¬†This is our new favorite gelato place. ¬†The chocolate banana (made with fresh bananas) was amazing. ¬†What a delightful addition to the Basha's plaza. - 9/27/2017 

  • Teresa C. AvatarTeresa C.

    5 star rating This is hands down my favorite gelato place in Arizona. We are from Phoenix but every time I visit Tucson we make a stop here. First thing is they are so friendly and sweet and very patient with the kiddos.... read more - 7/26/2019 

  • Bobbie B. AvatarBobbie B.

    5 star rating SOOO YUMM!! First time here and it was AMAZING! Audrey was so nice and gave us no hassle for sampling whatever we wanted. She had a great attitude and customer service. We also met the manager and main chef Don... read more - 7/07/2019 

  • Andy B. AvatarAndy B.

    5 star rating The folks at Blue Ice really know their gelato - with all those tempting, beautiful-looking flavors in the case, it's truly hard to decide what to get, but the incredibly friendly folks behind the counter will give you tastes so... read more - 11/10/2017 

  • Mark W. AvatarMark W.

    5 star rating The gelato and affogato are amazing. ¬†Manager Don and staff are great. ¬†I love pistachio ... which was way better than anywhere else I've had in Tucson. ¬†But there were several super interesting flavors that we shared. - 3/25/2018 


  • Marco Ala Avatar
    Marco Ala
    12/03/2018 - Google

    Discovered this Tucson jewel during our Thanks Giving trip. We had to go back twice before we left Tucson. Friendly and super polite staff, great tasty ice cream with a... read more

  • Ava Emily Maneval Avatar
    Ava Emily Maneval
    7/20/2019 - Google

    This man and his shop are over and beyond. I cannot rave enough about him and his Gelato. Hes passionate about what he does and its contagious. I've travelled all... read more

  • Ashley Oliver Avatar
    Ashley Oliver
    11/06/2018 - Google

    The guy inside was great and let us try any kind without complaint! And the gelato was amazing!!

  • Patricia Thomas Avatar
    Patricia Thomas
    9/26/2018 - Google

    Good gelato, some interesting flavors, nice staff. Overall I liked better than Frost.

  • Jordyn Reinhart Avatar
    Jordyn Reinhart
    10/02/2018 - Google

    This place, and the man who runs it, is absolutely wonderful. He has different gelato flavors every week, and truly cares about his craft. I can't recommend this place enough!

  • aliette Fierro Avatar
    aliette Fierro
    7/12/2019 - Google

    Delicious Gelato, have not tasted anywhere better other than in Italy itself. Prepared with delicacy, like frozen art! Friendly service, sharing samples of different gelatos, and there are many... read more

  • Alexis White Avatar
    Alexis White
    11/04/2018 - Google

    The best service, nicest gentleman serving us, and the most creamy gelato in town. Highly recommend!

  • Jessica Bambery Avatar
    Jessica Bambery
    3/19/2019 - Google

    This place was fabulous. Definitely some of the best gelato in Tucson. I love their inventive flavors. The people working are so knowledgeable about the flavors and ingredients.


Our Secret

We were trained by a real Italian Gelato master, we use the highest quality equipment to make and display our products, and we are the ONLY Gelato store in Arizona licensed to pasteurize our own base.

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